Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gift Credit Cards - Unauthorized Credit Card Use

Unauthorized credit card use

Check to see if the card company limits your liability for unauthorized charges. Often, the most you're liable for is $50. An unauthorized-use guarantee is added protection to the card company's security and privacy measures, above.

These are some of the main features to look for in credit card offers. Unfortunately, these features are often ignored in credit card ad campaigns. The more you do to evaluate a credit card offer before applying, the sharper your credit management skills.

The above information is educational and should not be interpreted as just financial advice. For advice that is specific to your circumstances, you should consult a financial or tax adviser.

Gift Credit Cards - Security and Privacy

Security and privacy

Limit your online application to card companies that use industry-standard practices for security and privacy. Look for 128-bit encrypting, which scrambles your application data and requires a de-scrambler to read it. The card company's Web server should use Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Look for an online application on a secure screen of the Web site. This is usually identified with a padlock or similar icon, or has a URL that begins with the word "https." The company should also clearly state its privacy policy for handling your financial data.

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